Ariana Van Gelder Aeons

23 May 2018
Ariana Van Gelder - Aeons
Aeons is a new work from Brooklyn based sound artist Ariana van Gelder. Presented in four movements spread over two cassette sides, Aeons is intended for a deep listening environment and exists in a space both cinematic and pedestrian. With a vision toward the multisensory, van Gelder describes it as “sound for bodies” with the intent of creating music for the stillness of time.

Composed using only vocals run through various effects units, the recordings take on an otherworldly dynamic, developing gradually over time but held in an infinite vacuum of time.

This isn’t music. It’s the sound of the floor breathing, a vacant terrarium, a turning machine, the voice inside La Monte Young’s landlords head, or the overall vibe in Deckard’s apartment.
  • 1. :::::the Watcher Observes, A Fog Collapses:::::the Waker Sleeps (24:36)
  • 2. :::light In The Absence Of Eyes Illuminates Nothing::::half Of Eternity Is Still Eternity (25:59)
Ariana Van Gelder - Aeons Ariana Van Gelder - Aeons Ariana Van Gelder - Aeons
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