Everyday Dust Landscape X And The Valley Of Foghorns

21 May 2018
Everyday Dust - Landscape X And The Valley Of Foghorns
Everyday Dust’s third album is arguably a soundtrack with no film.
A wash of analogue synthesisers, industrial drones and burbling electronics - with more than a nod to avant-garde film scores, early Tangerine Dream and 80s horror soundtracks.

"The petrified, ghostly landscape is burned out and barren. Relics of bygone industry scatter the horizon. However the vast array of smouldering factory chimneys would suggest the city is not entirely dead… The mechanical grinding ebb and flow of industry haunts the air, and a deep droning pulse can be heard emanating from deep within the haze and smog… and what are those foghorns??? What do they mean?

Towering above the dystopian vista, the colossal X Temple glowed like a beacon both hopeful and terrifying. To fully understand the riddle, the Sage, Nevermore must find the Clavis Aurea buried deep in the ruins of the city. Within its walls can be found the ancient mechanical rotor deciphering machines that will break through the secret coded meaning of the cipher he carries.

In the distance, Nevermore hears those foghorns again… “
  • 1. Landscape X (12:56)
  • 2. Oblivione X (11:46)
  • 3. Temple X (04:28)
  • 4. Chains Will Shatter (21:14)
  • 5. Clavis Aurea (08:22)
Everyday Dust - Landscape X And The Valley Of Foghorns
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