Señor Alec Thompson Mouche

22 May 2018
Señor Alec Thompson - Mouche

Recorded in various locations and situations in Oxfordshire over an 18-month period on an acoustic guitar whose current whereabouts are unknown, Borley Rectory's second release is MOUCHE, a snapshot of an artist in transition, exploring a new musical language.

SEÑOR ALEC THOMPSON invites you to the starting point, fingerpicking at the crossroads of Jansch and Fahey, waiting to hitch a ride to the technicolour pastures of Greening Lambourne.

These nine audio postcards, these melancholy-yet-uplifting melodic instrumentals, embellished with minimal home studio flourishes, are proudly presented in audio cassette and digital formats to celebrate SEÑOR ALEC THOMPSON's emergence from the chrysalis and document the first flap of his wings.
  • 1. Blencathra (03:01)
  • 2. Blood Red Dust (03:12)
  • 3. Ghost At Cockcrow (02:47)
  • 4. Heliographer (03:37)
  • 5. Last Summer Smoking Part 1 (02:48)
  • 6. Last Summer Smoking Part 2 (01:18)
  • 7. Mouche Part 1 (03:43)
  • 8. Mouche Part 2 (01:53)
  • 9. Mouche Part 3 (03:50)
Señor Alec Thompson - Mouche Señor Alec Thompson - Mouche Señor Alec Thompson - Mouche Señor Alec Thompson - Mouche
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