The CatherinesThe Catherines

21 March 2018
The Catherines -The Catherines
  • 1.I Just Want To Lie Here And Listen To Our Heartbeat (02:52)
  • 2.Good Golly Goo – I Never Thought That I Could Love Someone As Much As I Love You (03:17)
  • 3.You Say You’Re Sorry But I Know You Aren’T (02:21)
  • 4.Let’S Kiss Good Night In The Morning (03:26)
  • 5.If You Knew What’S Behind Her Smile You Wouldn’T Want To Make Her Happy (03:21)
  • 6.May I Say I Love You Or Will You Faint (03:07)
  • 7.Is Your Bigmouth Girlfriend Really So Charming (02:59)
  • 8.Which Way Will Lead Me To You My Dear (03:12)
The Catherines -The Catherines
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