Billion One Mosaic

25 May 2018
Billion One - Mosaic
Billion One - Mosaic

Multiple sounds, strategically collated and layered with equal effect, result in the centrifugal force that is Billion One - Mosaic.

The spirit of Sven Strohschnieder’s Mosaic is held through the voice of a child in the opening tune ZZZ and touches the cusp of various genres as each track unfolds whilst maintaining a familiar electronic soundscape.

Parenthood, a new job, moving house and new rehearsal space, all influenced the making of Mosaic. What started out as an EP, grew into an album with musical narrative that followed a path influenced by the likes of Gold Panda, Lapalux and Binkbeats. Alongside some unusual purchases such as 1€ Yamaha keyboard and continued experimentation with live drums; Billion One - Mosaic created.

This 13 track album is Billion One’s second Pegdoll release and is available on cassette and digital platforms.
  • 1. Zzz
  • 2. Yukoma
  • 3. The King & His Monsters
  • 4. All Of You (04:01)
  • 5. Wake Island
  • 6. A True Fairy Tale
  • 7. Sleep Party People
  • 8. Paper Garden
  • 9. Nite Jewel
  • 10. Fog Puma
  • 11. I Will Dive
  • 12. Mirror Lake
  • 13. Odyssey
Billion One - Mosaic Billion One - Mosaic Billion One - Mosaic
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