V I C I M Convenience

22 May 2018
V I C I M - Convenience
”convenience” is the follow up and spiritual successor to last years ”arid”, an EP released as a split tape with Forest Management on ACR.

The music of convenience are reflections of days spent away from family, friends and every day life. The songs where discovered by investigating the hidden nature and possibilities of self recorded synth loops. Stretching, bending and arranging as parts of a whole.

V I C I M is the solo project of Linus Schrab, one half of the duo Thet Liturgiske Owäsendet (Shimmering Moods, Lobster Sleep Sequence, Low Point, Funeral Fog Records and for/wind).
  • 1. Untitled Universe (06:32)
  • 2. Sarus The Witness (10:56)
  • 3. Call For Gold (05:15)
  • 4. Detour (06:15)
  • 5. Silver People On The Shoreline (08:40)
  • 6. 33 33 (06:32)
V I C I M - Convenience V I C I M - Convenience V I C I M - Convenience V I C I M - Convenience
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